The Celtic Way 2024

  •    Teachers: Ray & Denise          
       Hughes; Grant & Samantha       
       Mahoney; Stevie Mckie & Jane       Schroeder
  • Duration: 1 Year broken into 3 Trimesters of 12 weeks each
  • Videos: 2 Pre-recorded Videos each Week
  • Zoom Calls: 1 Live Zoom Call Per Week

The Celtic Way starts on Monday the 6th of May 2024.
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Registrations for 2024 are now open

What The Celtic Way Offers

Discover the power of online learning

All classes are online. You have your own forum where you can connect with your class mates and your teachers.
There are 3 x 12 week trimesters with a 5 week break in-between each trimester.
As an extra benefit we will have one tour to Ireland each year for the students. This will be an extra cost and is only available to the first 40 studentse that register for the tour.
Works on almost any PC, Laptop, Mobile Device and Tablet.
There are 2 pre-recorded sessions each week and 1 live Zoom call each week with 2 of your teachers on each Zoom call..
You can download all your sessions onto your own device and listen to them whenever you like.
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